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14 Taper Comb Over Haircuts men

Natural curls? Curly hair for men has never been more in demand, and the taper comb over haircut works well with wavy and curly textures.


Curly Comb Over

This classic men's hairstyle can be updated with a shaved detail to give it a more modern edge.

Hard Part


Do you always look dapper? If so, channel vintage hair icons and style your comb over into a peaked quiff or pompadour. Fans? Uh-huh-huh!

Modern Quiff


The shadow fade effect is a popular choice for men, but it requires regular maintenance.

Shadow Fade


The skin fade is a cut that fades from your longest length to a super short or bald skin look.

Skin Fade


This smart look is ideal for business or formal events where you want to look professional.

Neat Comb Over


Consider making the length longer than usual. Or growing out a shorter cut? A grown out taper fade adds a new, hipster vibe to the look.

Grown out Taper Fade


Are you growing a beard but unsure how to match the hair on your face to the hair on your head?

Taper Beard Combo


Desiring a bolder style? Then try this extreme tapered combover with a contrasting skin fade.

Extreme Taper


This precise, defined cut is for the man who likes to look sharp at all times. Make a side-swept pompadour to highlight your defined parting and sharp hairline.

Precise Taper
Comb over Haircut


Because of this, you can easily incorporate a subtle taper into your style without drastically changing it.

Subtle Taper


This relaxed side-swept style is perfect for those who don't like their hair too 'done'. Ask your barber to keep your top layers long so you can style it.

Side-Swept Taper


The taper comb over haircut is ideal for thick hair because it highlights your luscious locks while adding shape and control.

Taper Comb
over on Thick Hair


Traditionally, comb overs are worn to the side, but that isn't the only option. To change up the look, brush your hair back rather than to one side.

Brushed Back Taper


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