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This season, when choosing a pair of shoes for the temperature, you can’t look past chunky boots. Featuring a low heel and rubber platform

1. Chunky Boot

A stylish one! These bucket bags have never really gone out of style, but they’re coming in stronger than ever with these stunning options

2. Bucket Bags

This season, there has been a myriad of square toe shoes making the rounds, and for a good reason. This flattering design, with a strappy finish

3. Toe Strappy Sandals

It’s no different in 2020, as large chain necklaces make their way to the forefront of the season. From oversized and chunky designs to a delicate

4. Large Chain Necklaces

 Initially designed by Bottega Veneta, this is an oversized and plush accessory that looks stunning on any occasion. Easy to carry and with an abundance

5. Soft Clutches

Tie every ensemble together with these trendy belts. Sitting in the middle of the waist, it will create an instant hourglass shape and complete your attire.

6. Wide Waist Belts

Turn every bad hair day into a good one with one of these trending padded headbands. It isn’t anything new, but Prada helped make them hot again this year

7. Padded Headbands 

This accessory will be one of the biggest trends next season. These round earrings are an excellent way to spice up a plain outfit

8. Hoop Earrings

Choose from a design featuring a bright outer and traditional inner, keep it monochrome with the same shade throughout the whole accessory

9. Colour Sunglasses

Defending yourself against the sun has always been fashionable, as this trend proves. The bucket hat comes and goes throughout the seasons

10. Bucket Hats

These coin purses act as excellent options for extra storage, even if it’s just a lipstick or a spare pair of earrings.

11. Mini Pouch Your Bag

This bright design offers more than two shades – think blue, red, green, and yellow simultaneously this accessory makes you feel like you’re a piece of modern art

12. Multi-color Bags