12 Most
Hipster Foods Ever

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Nothing is more hipster than PBR. This readily available, cheap beer has become emblematic of hipster culture.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Everyone likes bacon, but hipsters take it to a new level. Everything now has a bacon-designed item.


Pickles, like bacon, have become an ironic (?) fashion statement. Pickle-loving is a weird hipster trait.


A regular glass and a hipster don't mix. A mason jar is a must. These jar-turned-cups are cool, but hipsters make them pretentious.

Mason Jar Drinks

Every hipster has their own coffee preference and will go to great lengths to make or buy the most exotic brews. The theme seems to be cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Food trucks are cool, but gushing about how much better they are than restaurants gets old. A food truck always means a hipster nearby.

Food Trucks

This leafy green is now a health food, but it was once a hipster wonder food. Kale is a hipster favourite in smoothies, salads, and sandwiches.


Of course, tacos aren't just for hipsters, but these guys think they invented the tortilla. Not to mention kimchi tacos.


But hipsters are always on the lookout for the most intricate and bizarre donut ever made. Try a maple-flavored donut topped with bacon bits for these guys.

Fancy Donuts

When PBR isn't enough, hipsters head to the local craft brewery. Craft beers give hipsters the pretension to judge a brand nobody has heard of.

Craft Beer

You're a true hipster if you can convince yourself you like komucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea made with yeast and bacteria.


Vegan food is great, but hipsters try to ruin the joy of organic, whole-food cookies. A little processed chocolate and refined sugar goes a long way!

Vegan Cookies

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