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Cream Chipped Beef as a household meal came out of the Great Depression as well, designed to make a few ingredients go a long way

Cream Beef 

As strange as it seems, many people prefer their cake made this way because the tomato soup adds a thick and moist texture

Tomato Soup Cake

This cake emerged in the 1930's as a quick fix and easy option for a sweet dessert. The ingredients—flour, butter, milk, baking soda, and salt

Daisy Cake

The 1930's as a result of the Great Depression, when money was scarce. Just don't expect to find any apples insid

Apple Pie

This vintage grape salad is extremely simple to make and will steal the spotlight at any potluck. Using cream cheese, sour cream, and cool whip

Grape Salad

This southern version of fruit salad will only take you five minutes!  You'll need canned mandarin oranges and pineapple, shredded coconut

Ambrosia Salad

The 1950's can be compared to a granita, only, it's salty instead of sweet. It's a unique and interesting way to start a meal

Tomato Frost

This gelatin salad was one of the recipes that stuck, and it's both savory and sweet with cream cheese, sour cream, pineapple, pecans and jello mix.

Gelatin Salad

This beautifully decorated party dish was quite a feat in the 40's and 50's and would still be today. Its three layers of bread are spread with meats

Frosted Sandwich

classic party dish that's still popular today. It mixes three cheeses and a  few other simple ingredients together to make a creamy and easy appetizer.

Cheese Ball

The original Crock-Pot has been around since 1940? If Grandma and Grandpa had one, then at least it was easy to make this simple

Poor Man's Stew

Another classic Midwestern party dish that came about in the 70's. The ingredients can easily be interchanged to match your tastes and preferences.

Seven Layer Salad

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