12 Gorgeous Flower Tattoos You'll Always Love

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A mimosa is a bright yellow flower that represents the sun, love, and security. It's also a symbol of secret love, which only you know about.

1. Mimosa

Sunflower tattoos are popular because they represent loyalty and adoration. It's also a bright and cheerful flower if you want a tattoo that makes you smile.

2. Sunflower

The Freesia is a beautiful and delicate flower that looks great on your arm, shoulder, collarbone, or anywhere else.

3. Freesia

Daffodils bloom in the spring, bringing hope and resilience. They represent rebirth and power.

4. Daffodils

Cherry blossoms represent rebirth and hope. Because cherry trees bloom early in the spring and have a limited blooming season, they are often described as a perfect metaphor for time

5. Cherry blossoms

Daisies are one of those overlooked flowers, rarely bought or included in bouquets, but always wanted to pick in the wild.

6. Daisies

Evening primrose is the rarest of all primrose flowers and is a beautiful shade of blue.

7. Primrose

Thyme is not only a tasty herb, but also a lovely flower. Thyme is said to be derived from the Greek word for bravery, so this flower represents bravery.

8. Thyme

Venus Flytrap is a unique tattoo design. We all know it's a carnivorous plant, but few know it blooms.

9. Venus Flytrap

If you don't want to pick just one flower, floral sleeves are a great option. Flowers, leaves, and berries make a lovely botanical sleeve.

10. Floral sleeves

Sweet Pea denotes blissful joy. It is also a flower that represents kindness, friendship, good wishes, and farewells.

11. Sweet Pea

The chrysanthemum represents love, rebirth, and joy. It's a flower that represents a birthday or a child's birth.

12. Chrysanthemum

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