At the same time, rubber band hairstyles are simple to create, meaning you won’t need to spend too much time doing your hair

Hairstyle for Short Hair

inject vibrant color into your hairstyle. If you have long natural hair that’s been braided – or you’ve had long braids put in

Long Hair

Ideal for medium natural hair, try a sleek rubber band hairstyle. The key is to show off your hair’s natural curl with a high-shine finish

Medium Natural Hair

One of the best-known rubber band hairstyles is the criss-cross. The pattern is eye-catching and is an excellen

Rubber Band Hairstyle

only is it feminine and beautiful, but it also frames your face and takes less time than other more complex rubber band hairstyles

Easy Rubber Band Hairstyle

 Your stylist can create the fun rubber band pattern – such as a classic box or criss-cross design – at the front and crown of your head

Straight Hairstyle

The rubber band hairstyle looks as good when paired with a curly natural ponytail as it does with a sleek, straight one

Ponytail Hairstyle

You can embrace rubber band hairstyles while still showing off your big, bouncy curls. The contrast between the flat rubber bands

Curly Hair

It’s also an option if you have a weave or your hair has been chemically relaxed. Super simple and very cute

Straight Hair

Rubber bands can add an extra touch of style and glamour to a simple updo hairstyle. Use the sectioning technique to create patterns at the front

Updo Hairstyle

Rubber band hairstyles often have a playful and youthful feel – so why not lean into it by choosing colorful rubber bands

Colorful Band Hairstyle

hairstyles have been trending as they provide the sophistication of a bun with the low-maintenance vibes of a loose hairstyle

Half Down Band Hairstyle

Pixie Hairstyles from Classic to Edgy