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1. French Wedding Nails

Give the classic french tips a modern revamp by swapping out the standard white for a stylish silver top.

2. Classic Wedding Nails

Classic French manicures are timeless and elegant. If your nails are healthy enough, you can even skip the base color.

3. Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art

If you’re thinking of trying out nail art, we would suggest keeping it pretty minimal and not too over-the-top.

4. Ivory Wedding Nails

If you still want to be traditional but are after something a little more contemporary than a natural or French polish, ivory is a classic white alternative.

5. Red Wedding Nails

Red nail polish has always been a favorite amongst bold babes, so why not try it out as a fashion-forward bride? 

6. Wedding Acrylic Nails

If you’re looking to add some strength and length to your talons on your special day, opt for acrylic nails.

7. Blue Wedding Nails

Your chic mani can be your “something blue”. Just decide whether you want something bold, such as a dark navy or a softer look, like this Tiffany’s design.

8. 3D Wedding Nails

Why should your ring finger be the only one with bling? Bedazzle your nails with a stunning 3D design for your special day.

9. Orange Wedding Nails

These pretty pale orange nails with Swarovski crystal nail art are fun and creative. Summer brides should try out this design for a modern, youthful look.

10. Ombre Wedding Nails

 It’s a pretty and trendy take on a traditional bridal manicure and looks divine with a lace accent nail.

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