Beautiful Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men And Women!

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1. Flowers And Ropes

The first to the anchor tattoos list includes a rope squirmed across the anchor’s entire length, the anchor, as usual, facing downwards, breathing importance to the tattoo.

2. The Wheel And The Anchor

 The anchor, this tattoo also contains the steering wheel of the ship or boat, depicting how the wheel is an eminent part of the journey, reaching us to our destination

3. Danger A Head

This time the tattoo anchor came adorned with not ropes and flowers but heavy metal chains and skeleton skulls.


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4. One Of The Many Charms

The best thing about a charm bracelet is getting to carry all your favourite items compacted in one bracelet chain.

5. Through The Waters

If you are still looking for a good anchor tattoo, here is yet another one where we see the anchor in motion, sketching that shows the anchor going full force into the water,

6. To The Beloveds

This tattoo has a sign for every believer that one should idealize.

7. A Splash Of Sea Life

The anchor with the rope is filled with blackish-brown colour ink. And for the splashes red, pink, orange, blue colour is preferred.

8. Concocted Of Flowers

Here is a feminine touch to your anchor tattoo where vines and floral patterns will adorn the entire length of your tattoo as the anchor faces down, ready to settle down.

9. The Pirates Inn

A classic reference to the pirates at the bay of the olden times storybooks. Pirates have always been a rampant part of sea voyages, and this is why in this anchor tattoo.

10. Memorable Anchor Tattoo

These kinds of anchor tattoo designs are carried out by the people who have lost their loved ones and want to dedicate a tattoo to them.

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