10 Women Who Became Successful Later in Life and Proved It’s Never Too Late



21-year-old Lizzo lived out of her car for a year after her father’s death, as she tried to break into the music industry. She got her big break at 28 when her release Coconut Oil peaked.

2.Viola Davis

Viola Davis only played minor roles on screen when she was in her 30s,& she wasn’t even given credit for some of them.Her talent was finally recognized when she was nominated for an Oscar

3.Betty White

Betty White began her television career after high school, but the war put a gap in her career. After the war, she went back to movie studios to find work

4.Anna Wintour

At 26, Anna Wintour was fired from her job as a junior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar after 9 months. She has been editor-in-chief of Vogue US since she was 39 years old.

5.Jessica Chastain

The time JessicaChastain graduated from prestigious Julliard performing arts school,she was already26.Not only did her carer begin late,but she had  series of smallroles after hit30.

6.Vivienne Westwood

The influential designer worked as a teacher up until she was 30. With her partner Malcolm McLaren, she brought punk into the mainstream when her creations were worn by punk bands.

7.Ali Wong

The Always Be My Maybe actress passionately pursued comedy in New York where she only ate lentils and brown rice during her first year there.

8.Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep didn’t begin her professional career until she was 26. Once, she was brought to Dino De Laurentiis to audition for King Kong, and he said to his son in Italian,

9.Christina Hendricks

She had been appearing in television roles since she was 24, but it was when she got her role in Mad Men at the age of 32 that she was widely recognized.

10.Tina Fey

After college, Tina Fey worked as a receptionist, before moving on to be a writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL). She was about 29 years old when she became SNL’s first female head writer.

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