10 ways to eat chia seeds

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Adding chia seeds to water is one of the easiest ways to get them into your diet. soak 1/4 cup of chia seeds for 20–30 minutes in 4 cups of water.

1. Chia water

1/4 cup of chia seeds soaked in 1 litre of fruit juice for 30 minutes makes a fiber-rich drink. . Fruit juice is sugary, so limit your intake.

2. Juice-soaked chia

Add seeds and soak longer for a pudding-like texture. This dessert is made with juice or milk, vanilla, and chocolate. Chia pudding is a tasty breakfast or dessert. 

3. Chia pudding

Chia seeds make smoothies more nutritious. Soak chia to produce a gel before adding to a smoothie.

4. Chia in smoothies

  You can sprinkle chia seeds on your breakfast or smoothie. as it can be eaten raw as well as soaked.

5. Chia toppings 

Chia cereal If you want to try something different for breakfast, you could switch from the cereal you usually eat to chia cereal.

6. Chia cereal

You can also put chia seeds in the dressing on your salad.  A much healthier option is to make your own dressing.

7. salad dressing 

Chia seeds make a terrific on-the-go snack. No-bake chia truffles blend dates, cocoa, and oats.

8. Chia truffles

You can put chia seeds in a lot of different things, like bread. For example, you can make your own healthy and tasty buckwheat bread.

9. Baked in bread

Cakes are fat and sugar-laden. Chia seeds can boost their nourishment. They provide fibre, protein, and omega-3s to cake mixes.

10. Baked in cakes

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