10 Types Of Lips Shape

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In thin lips, the height and volume of both the upper and lower lips are less. The upper lip does not have a defined arc and both the lips are equal in dimension.

1. Thin Lips

When the upper lip has more volume and protrudes out, the shape is called top-heavy. Here, the upper lip is more rounded and does not have a defined bend or cupid’s bow.

2. Top Heavy Lips

The exact opposite of top-heavy lips are bottom-heavy lips. Here the lower lip creates a pout due to added volume.

3. Bottom Heavy Lips

Wide lips are stretched out making your smile look bigger. Often the smile is the most striking feature for people with wide lips. Hence, it is important to sport a balanced look.

4. Wide Lips

One of the most desirable lip shapes is the heart shape. It is characterised by a defined V-shaped cupid’s bow upper lip and a usually sharp, slightly tapering lower lip.

5. Heart Shaped Lips

Voluptuous full lips have been a beauty marker for ages. In this lip type, the lips have more volume and tend to protrude out.

6. Fuller Lips

People with proportioned lips have finely balanced upper and lower lips. The upper lip is generally slightly fuller in appearance with a cupid’s bow.

7. Proportioned Lips

Small lips are less in width and are characterised by a round shape giving the appearance of a small pout.

8.Small Lips

People with defined cupid’s bow lips have the centre of their upper lip come together to form a perfect bow-like shape.

9. Defined Cupid’s Bow Lips

Here, the M shape formed at the centre of the upper lip is less prominent.

10. Undefined Cupid’s Bow Lips

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