10 Types of Highlighted Hair in 2022

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The simplest to understand is a full highlight, this means sections of hair all of your head will be covered with highlighted pieces.

Full Highlights

A partial highlight traditionally includes all of the hair in the front of your head, and the top back area usually above the ears.

Partial Highlights

If you are not really into a traditional highlighted look and are just looking for something more natural and sun kissed, you can also request some babylights.


Maybe you are feeling a little spicy, you are over blonde and caramel highlights.
It might be time to get out of your comfort zone and try something fresh.

Red Highlights

You have spent years of your life rocking the sexy goth “Evanescence” black hair look and now you want to add something to your “blank black canvas”.

Black Hair with Highlights

eep in mind it would involve the same process as putting red highlights in your hair,usually requiring the hair to be pre lightened and then toned or re colored with a blue vivid color.

Blue Highlights

Natural red hair has always been part of your signature look, and you have had people tell you your whole life how beautiful it is, and to never color it.

Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Years of your life have spent in the salon, countless hours with your stylist, and you have finally decided you are done with fighting those grey hairs.

Growing out Gray Hair with Highlights

Sometimes you just need a fresh start.
Maybe you are hating your base color and sick of your balayage and maybe it is just time to start over.If this is the case, base color.

Base Color with Highlights

We hair stylists often think our clients understand all of our fancy terms and hairstylist language.

Highlights and Lowlights

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