10 Stylish Long and Short Beard Styles

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 It is one evergreen and globally popular beard style for men. And luckily, if you have a thin beard a goatee is both stylish, apt

1. Thin Goatee Styles

Here is another beautiful option. The anchor beard is perfect for men across age groups and looks sassy and stylish

2. Short Anchor Beard

The stubble beard is a vintage and classic beard style option for men. It is perfect for younger to middle age grouped boys and men

3. Light Stubble:

 This is the new trend that is entirely going on.This short boxed beard is perfect if you have beard hair, or even bald spots in beard  hair 

4. Short Boxed Beard:

This chin strap beard is contemporary and versatile, perfect for various occasions and men across age groups.

5. Thin Chin Strap Beard:

This is one such example of how you can experiment with the chin beard. This facial hairstyle is perfect for men and boys 

6. Chin Beard:

All depending on your preference and tastes for looks. This is one such example, and you can even try others with a light must ache

7. Soul Patch:

The rough patchy beard look basically trims and grooms your existing beard well and adds a little style by applying beard oil or wax

8. Thin Patchy Beard Styles:

This new style is coming up, contouring and shaping up your rough patchy beard with short facial hair and flaunting it with style.

9. Contour Short Beard:

You might be wondering, isn’t mutton chops beard style supposed to be rough, thick, and very bold? Yes, there are new variations too

10. Mutton Chops Beard: