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French Braids

While single French braids may have been a look you wore back in your early school days, don’t rule it out as something to try today.

French Braid Pigtails

For a cute and youthful take on the French braid hairstyle, you should consider rocking French braid pigtails. To create the look, start by creating a middle part. 

Fishtail French Braid

A French fishtail braid is a stunning look that combines two braid types into one. To create the style, start at the top of your head with a regular fishtail braid. 

French Braid Bun

Whether you’re off to a special occasion or just feel like dressing up, a French braid bun can make a spectacular hairstyle option. Combining both a bun and braid,

Side French Braid

If you’re new to the world of French braids, you may want to start with a simple style, such as a French side braid. While still looking stunning

French Braid Ponytail

Another simple variation on the standard French braid is to combine it with a ponytail. This smart style is perfect for work and can quickly be created in the morning.

Reverse French Braid

As mentioned, the reverse French braid, or Dutch braid, is a fantastic alternative to the traditional French braid. Thanks to the braid’s raised appearance

Half Up Half Down French Braid

Both braid and half-up hairstyles are cute and on-trend. So, by combining them into one, you can achieve an amazing look that you’re sure to love.

French Braid for Short Hair

Don’t think that you have to miss out on this gorgeous hair trend just because your locks are short. French braids can work for most hair lengths, are above the shoulders.

French Braid with Bangs

If braiding all your hair back isn’t particularly flattering for your face shape, you may want to consider adding bangs. Side bangs can look particularly stylish