10 Peekaboo Highlights for Your Hair

Playing with colour doesn't have to be a big deal. Indulge in a new hue with peekaboo accents, suggests Tang. This unexpected purple strand hangs from one side of the hair.

Side Pop

Natural Texture

The beauty of adding some peekaboo colour to natural texture is that when each curl splits, the colour spreads out, creating the appearance of bigger pieces of hair painted.

Cotton Candy Blend

A quick toss or twist of the hair reveals a colourful cotton candy combination hidden behind the bleach-and-tone.


It may provide babylights for any shade of blonde or fun hue. For those peekaboo moments, weaving slightly the surface of the hair enables your colour to peek through and provide complexity.

Color Blocks

These blocks of blue add a fun peekaboo moment to dreaded hair, no matter how they're styled. Worn up or, a hint of blue gradients can be seen casually yet thoughtfully placed throughout.

Blondie Splices

Peekaboo highlights don't have to be woven by definition. These blondie splices are fully highlighted chunks that lie just beneath the at the surface for a most interesting contrast.

Highlighter Yellow

This highlighter yellow hue is hard to miss, even with its peekaboo placement. Any colors surrounding the top layers of your face frame are sure to stand out.

Effortlessly Grazed Ends

If you want to give the illusion of peekaboo highlights without the high maintenance color job, rely on your preexisting grown-out highlights to do the trick.

Blown Away Blue

As if a bright blue wouldn't blow anyone away with its outspoken hue, the peekaboo placement against naturally lighter hair tones is sure to give major impact to your 'do.

Peachy Keen

With a pinch of highlighted peach hidden throughout your strands, you'll have plenty of fun peekaboo moments to sport with varying style choices.

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