10 Glowy, Natural Makeup Looks for Any Occasion

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We like Emma Watson's neutral lip and slight feline flick on the outside corner of each eye. The eyeliner is kept thin and narrow, which adds definition to her eyes and eyelashes.

1. Emma Watson

It's no secret that Zoë Kravitz is a queen when it comes to no makeup, makeup. This look features velvet skin that is natural with a hint of more coverage

2.Zoë Kravitz

Kim Kardashian West's interpretation of natural makeup is a little more glamorous than other celebrities' (did you expect anything else, though?). 

3.Kim Kardashian

Another celebrity known for her stunning natural makeup looks is Alicia Keys. To achieve a similar look, Neil Scibelli, NYC-based celebrity makeup artist

4.Alicia Keys

The best part of Yara Shahidi's look, in our humble opinion, has to be her radiant matte skin and perfectly groomed brows (other than her voluminous curls, of course).

5. Yara Shahidi

Karlie Kloss' monochromatic peach natural makeup look had us instantly falling in love.

6.Karlie Kloss

Rihanna's natural makeup look is all about soft glam and a golden glow, according to Hart. She recommends using Fenty Beauty's Killawatt Highlighter ($36) in Trophy Wife for the eyes.

7. Rihanna

Padma Lakshmi's natural makeup look is all about a nude gloss and peachy-pink blush. This look is about natural glow and a little flush. 

8.Padma Lakshmi

Jessica Alba follows Lakshmi's lead with black inky lashes and a shiny nude gloss to match her super-shiny hair (can we talk about that, for a second?).

9. Jessica Alba

"From working with Elle Macpherson personally, I can say the no-makeup makeup look has been our go-to most of the time,

10. Elle Macpherson

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