10 Foods to Avoid
If You Have Acne

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Skim milk can worsen acne. It contains fat-soluble bovine growth hormones. Skim milk has no fat, so they don't dissolve. Hormones left in the body can cause acne.

Skim Milk

These foods are high on the glycemic index and cause a spike in blood sugar followed by a crash.


A study found that a diet high in fat and sugar was positively correlated with acne.


Bananas come in second with 62. The maximum glycemic index is 100. Every morning banana smoothie? Don't berate yourself. So do we.


The stress hormone cortisol is released when you are stressed. This increase in hormones can cause acne breakouts.

Specialty Coffees

This can cause a sugar spike, causing inflammation, aggravating skin and contributing to acne flare-ups. Cheese may exacerbate skin damage.


While soy products are a popular way to get protein, especially if you're a vegetarian, MacGregor advises against them.

Soy Products

Dried fruit and fruit juice contain concentrated sugars, while whole fruit contains natural sugars. Too much dried fruit and juice leads to high sugar intake.

Dried Fruit and Fruit Juice

It will show up on your skin if you eat a lot of processed or fast food. These foods tend to be higher in refined carbs, meaning more sugar and less nutrition.

Fast Food

Eating things like Sour Patch Kids is probably bad for your skin.


Energy-Boosting Foods according to expert