10 Foods Boost Your Vitamin B6 Intake

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Looking to get a lot of B6 from one source? Turkey is a solid choice. Just one serving of turkey  contains nearly 50% of your daily requirement of B6.


"It's generally suggested to integrate seafood into the diet for its various health advantages," Michalczyk adds, adding that salmon is one of the finest dietary sources of B6.


Chickpeas are an excellent source of vitamin B6 if meat and other foods are not your thing. They may also be used in hummus, vegetable bowls, soups, salads, and a variety of other meals.


Avocados are another great plant-based source of B6 containing roughly 20% of the daily value in one cup," Michalczyk says. "They're also a good source of healthy fat, fiber,


We love carrots for their color and crunch, but did you know they're loaded with nutritional benefits, too? Carrots are a great source of many nutrients, including vitamin A and vitamin B6.

Tuna (Yellowfin)

A three-ounce portion of yellowfin tuna contains. 9 mg of vitamin B6, which is more than half of your daily vitamin B6 need. Yellowfin tuna is high in protein and goes well with salads


By eating just one medium banana, you'll get around .4 mg, or 25% of your daily value of vitamin B6 Besides being an excellent source of vitamin B6, bananas are also a solid source of potassium

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a good source of vitamin B6, giving you about 12% of your daily value in a one-cup serving. It's also a good source of protein for a amount of calories, Bazilian says.


Potatoes are a nutrient-dense, low-cost pantry staple that can be prepared and You get from a cup of potatoes. 4 milligrammes of vitamin B6, which is roughly a quarter of your daily need.

Ground Beef

Ground beef can be used to make meatballs, bolognese sauce, taco or burrito filling, or mixed with mushrooms and walnuts to make burgers, Bazilian suggests.

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