The induction haircut was a rite of passage for new army recruits. It wasn’t just about the aesthetic of the sharp edges and hyper-masculine

Military Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Fade

If the military-inspired induction cut is a little too extreme for your taste, the buzz cut fade may better cater to your hair needs. The fade relies on dimension

High & Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight boasts proportions much like an undercut, but with this cut, you’re working with extremely short dimensions.

Crew Cut Buzz Cut

Yes, this version combines two iconic haircuts, leaving you with a distinguishable and well-blended aesthetic. This is also a more versatile way to go about the buzz

Caesar Buzz Cut

If you like the look of a long buzz cut but aren’t sure how to style it, consider opting for a Caesar. To achieve this look, ask your barber to buzz your hair using a higher guard

Buzz Cut with Beard

Most men know that a buzz cut works well with a beard. For men who are daring enough to run a razor across their entire scalp, a beard is a great option

Buzz Cut for Receding Hairline

For gents with a receding hairline or widow’s peak, a buzzed haircut can make a fantastic option. Due to its minimal length.

Mohawk-Inspired Buzz Cut

Our faux-hawk guide dealt with mohawk-inspired cuts, and the buzz cut that is influenced by the well-known cut follows suit. 

Asian Buzz Cut

Asian men typically have thick and straight hair, which is gorgeous and can be styled differently. If you want a look that is easy to style

Bleached Buzz Cut

The buzz cut can be adapted to suit various hair textures, lengths, and styles. By far, one of the most noticeable looks is the bleached buzz cut because few things make a statement