The 15 Modern & Stylish Shags Hair Style You Can Try!

Shags Hair Style is a well-known hair style that many renowned pop-music artists rocked. This hairstyle was most popular with Anthony, Bruno Mascolo & Chrissie Hynde. Now, this 70s & 80s hair style is trending back with more popularity & now it can even be tried on all kinds of hair, textures. Shags Hair style is a funky, loose & low-maintenance hair style. Moreover, one gets a whole lot of options to style the shaggy cut. 

So this article is focused on Shag haircut 70s, history & different shaggy women haircut. Moreover, we will also mention how to style shaggy hair cut? 

What is Shags Hair Style?

Shags hairstyle is a very casual, rock'n-roll type haircut that looks very loose & free. In, shag hairstyle, the hair ends are choppy, layers come around the crown & there is a lot of texture in the hair. 

The modern shaggy hairstyle has the same high texture, choppy ends, but it does not make you look like a shag haircut 70s. Today's shag haircut works on all hair lengths, types & textures. 

Moreover, one can style the shag cut as per their liking & can even do experiments like highlighting, color streaking, etc. 

Many Hollywood celebrities have rocked this hairstyle recently. Here are the pics:

This shaggy hair style is on-trend once again due to several reasons. Firstly, in work from home culture, women were used to the casual approach to fashion & hairstyle. This led to the ‘effortless' shaggy hairstyle. 

Secondly, women find this hairstyle easy to do, suitable for all hair lengths, so that's how the shaggy hair style became a trend again. 

Shaggy Hair Styles for Different Hair Lengths

Shaggy Hair cut is suitable for all hair lengths, i.e., short, medium & long. But in short & medium hair-length hair, shags come out as perfect & best. Here is how a shag hairstyle looks for different hair lengths:

Short Length Shag Hair Style:

Short-length shags are best as one can have a lot of layers in their hair. The layers get on the face & frame the face to make out shag look better. Moreover, the layers in the back give a uniform look without giving too much volume. 

Medium Length Shag Hair Style:

For medium hair length, shag allows a person to have a lot of layers. Thus, one can get the volume as per the look they want. With more layers, the hair will be lightened & will have a lot of volume. 

Long Length Shag Hair Style:

On long hair, shag can be achieved, but it will be challenging to get more layers with long-length hair. But with layers, the long hair will look great & messy, as per shaggy style. 

15 Special Shaggy Womens Haircut To Try

Here are the most trendy shaggy women's haircut to try on in 2021:

1) Curly Layered Shaggy Hair for Mid-length Hair

This shags hair style is in medium length hair & has curls to give layers. They look messy but beautiful. Moreover, the bangs on the front are also in curls. This hair style is suitable for people having curls in their hair.

2) Long Hair Shaggy Womens Haircut tyle

Here you have the look of long shags. The hair you will see before & after getting the shag cut. With bangs on the front & the layers on the sides, the long shag ut look incredible. Moreover, it will be easy to manage. If you love layered hair styles, then check this article also:

3) Medium Two-Layer Cut Shag

If you want a modern look shag with some twist, then this two-layer shag may look good on you. With layered hair & balayage coloring, this hair cut will look great. The balayage gives a lush & voluminous shape to hair, adding to the beauty of the shag.

4) Feminine Feathered Shaggy Womens Haircut

The copper-toned shag features a center part and feathered waves that are ultrafeminine and simple to style. You can create a sensual peek-a-boo look with long bangs that fall in front of your eyes.

5) Layered Ashy Blonde Shags

Layers of ash blonde highlights add interest to the classic mid-length shag haircut. However, for a sassy, chic look, style the hair with a bit of a wave. This style is best suited for thin to medium textured hair.

6) Classic Shag

The soft bends parted curtain bangs, and fluffy ends are the perfect recipe for this effortless style. But this hairstyle definitely needs some to set & then you can rock it anywhere & anytime. Hollywood star Chloë Grace Moretz has rocked this shags hair style.

7) Wispy Brunette Shags Hair style

This hairstyle is inspired by the Shag haircut 70s. This look will give retro vibes of the 70s & 80s. If you are a fan of rock music & want to have a hairstyle like that, you can try this hairstyle for sure. Check our article for cute hairstyles:

8) Fun Razored Shag for Straight Hair

This cut is perfect for women with straight jet black hair, as it gives them a slightly tomboyish look while still remaining feminine and cute. This shaggy hairstyle has a tonal crown and arched bangs that will frame your face beautifully. You'll love its face-framing characteristics.

9) Blonde Bob Shags hair style

This shaggy blonde bob has a choppy texture and long bangs that add a lot of fullness to fine, straight hair. The whitish color will neutralize your skin tone, and the long wispy bangs add a feminine touch.

10) Side-Parted Layered Bob Shaggy Womens Haircut

This shagIf you prefer to wear your hair straight or curly, you can create a beautiful texture by sweeping layers to the side of the length. With fewer curls & more straight hair, this shag hair style always looks modern even though it is a classic hair cut.

11) Medium Layered Black Hairstyle

The jet black color is neutral and down to earth. With a layered shag, you can wear your hair down in a feminine, casual style that will have you looking current, effortless, and lived-in.

12) Curled Shag for Mid-length hair

If you have curly hair & want a shag style in them, then you can try this above-curled shag for mid-length style. It will look great with short bangs on the forehead & voluminous, curly hair on the sides.

13) Collarbone Bronde Shag

Women who are looking for a haircut that captures their sporty lifestyle are attracted to beachy shags. Over the brown base, the copper and blonde tones add a feminine element that balances out the tomboy style of the razored ends.

14) Platinum Sliced Blonde Bob Shags Hair Style

Shag haircuts with straight sections are divided into feathered pieces that seem to sprout from the crown, giving them a sultry elegance. It's perfect for girls with an edgy personality and a cool wardrobe.

15) Long Layered Chopped Shags Hair Style

When it comes to romantic, windswept hairstyles, a long cut with short and medium layers can't be beaten. At the end of your layers, use a styling wand to make simple ringlets.

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How to care shaggy hair cut?

Most shaggy hair cuts are easy to maintain & even they look good without styling. But as one always wants to look good & better, there is a need to care for shaggy hairs. To maintain & care for shaggy hair cut, one should trim them in the gap of eight weeks.

After washing them, let the hair dry naturally & then apply a volumizer or hairspray to increase the volume in the hair. Moreover, use conditioners regularly to keep them tangle-free.

How to Style Shaggy Hair Cut?

In order to style a shaggy hair style, you can add your personal taste & preferences. For example, you can choose the hair length, the color of your hair. Moreover, you can even add highlights, streaks or use different colors on hair.

You can even use different accessories on your shags hair style, to make them look unique & great.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the trending shags hair style, its types & different styles you can choose for yourself. If you are a WFH woman, then you can definitely try this hairstyle.

We hope you find this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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