In recent years, various new hair techniques & styles have arrived that make hair look more beautiful & stylish. [...]

Many hair techniques exist today to make hair look better & stylish. The most popular among them are balayage, [...]

Blonde hair looks beautiful & stunning in different shades. Although it is a natural hair color, many people sort [...]

You will be surprised to know that there are 12 types of hair textures. The textures range from entirely straight [...]

Shags Hair Style is a well-known hair style that many renowned pop-music artists rocked. This hairstyle was most [...]

Perms look great on both men & women because who does not want curls or waves? But, perms on guys look really cool [...]

Women with straight hair want to get wavy or curly hair for once in their life, as they find them beautiful & [...]

Artificial nails are great for people who can't have long nails or people who can't stop biting their nails. [...]

Most women love to have long layered hair as long hair makes their personality come out very beautifully. [...]

Women love to style their hair when it is a special occasion like marriage, prom or any function & even in day to [...]