If I Shave My Eyebrows, Will They Grow Back?

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Nowadays, people love to spend time experimenting with different shapes with their eyebrows. Now and then, you'll see someone shaved a tiny slit into the outer corner. Next, you may find someone who has shaved the tail ends to achieve a flat, upturned shape. Finally, some shave their eyebrows off completely. As the trend goes prevailing, there are several questions which people are not sure about. One of them is,” If I shave my eyebrows, will they grow back?” The answer is definitely “Yes.”

In contrast, brow hairs are not removed from the follicle's base but are cut close to the skin. The hair will grow back and poke through the skin again in a few days, but it will look strange. Like, odd. The brow hairs will be short and blunt. The hairs may be rough to the touch and appear spikey. Shaping them will be impossible.

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How long do shaved eyebrows take to grow back?

Perhaps you have heard that if you shave your eyebrows, they won't grow back. So, traditionally, doctors avoid shaving eyebrows while suturing since the brow may not grow back or may grow abnormally.

A shaved eyebrow's ability to grow back also depends on the cause of its loss. Generally, it takes between four and eight weeks. Hair in the eyebrows will grow quickly if the follicle is alive, but it will not grow back if the follicle is damaged and needs to be treated. 

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Is it bad to shave off your eyebrows? 

Going with the trend is OK, but there are so many cons to shaving off your eyebrows. Some of them are as follows: 

  • When they grow back, they may appear thicker

After shaving any part of your body, such as your legs or beard, you have probably noticed that the hair looks different when it reemerges. The exact process occurs when you grow back your eyebrows: The ends are blunt because they were cut mid-shaft, so they all grow longer at the same time. As a result, eyebrows may appear coarse and harsh. 

  • Your skin could be cut.

The skin around and under your eyes is extremely thin, thinner than other places that you shave. This makes you vulnerable to nicking yourself, potentially resulting in a bloody mess. It is therefore not recommended to shave your eyebrows. 

  • You could get razor bumps.

Razor bumps are one thing, but when they're prominently featured on your face, it's another matter altogether. Shaving without proper technique can irritate the follicles and pull at the hairs, resulting in red razor bumps.

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How do I fix my shaved eyebrows? 

You may be able to fix your shaved eyebrows by following these steps: 

Draw your eyebrows with makeup: 

Use your hair color as a guide to select the color of your makeup pencil. The color you choose should be one shade lighter than your hair color if you are a brunette or redhead. If you are a blonde, go one shade darker.

Apply translucent powder to the area:

Remove any extra moisturizer from your skin. Because your skin produces natural oils during the day, your makeup may begin to slip or smear. The powder will absorb the oil and provide something for the makeup to adhere to remain put on your face.

Make your eyebrows stand out with eyebrow powder or eyeshadow and a stiff angled makeup brush:

  • Take a pencil and hold it up to your nose. Your brow begins at the edge of the pencil closest to your eyes. Don't go any further than this line.
  • Keep the pencil on your nose, but rotate the point so that it points at the outer corner of your eye. The angle should be around 45 degrees. This is the end of your eyebrow.
  • If you stare straight ahead, the arch should be just over the outer edge of your iris (the colored area of your eye).

Use the sharp pencil to draw an eyebrow. 

Keep your strokes light and avoid pressing too hard. Several layers of light strokes will make your eyebrows look more natural.

Dust your eyebrows again with translucent powder to set them.

Keep your brows protected from moisture and your own hands by using a makeup sealer or lacquer.

Covering up shaved eyebrows with bangs

If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with bangs, now is the time to try them. To begin, trim them so that they are long enough to cover your brows without covering your eyes.

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