How to fix uneven bleached hair?

Bleaching hair is not an easy process. One mistake can lead to uneven, lightened hair or brassy hair. So indeed, there's a lot of care that needs to be taken while bleaching your hair by yourself. But even after a lot of care & reading manuals on bleaching hair, many get the wrong results. Uneven bleached hair & brassy hair is common aftermath of bleaching, but it can be fixed. So, how to fix uneven bleached hair? 

You can fix uneven bleached hair by dyeing your hair with a darker shade, redoing bleach, spot bleaching, or by using toning shampoo. These ways will definitely work. Let's know more about these ways & also know the reasons for uneven bleached hair. 

What are the reasons for uneven bleached hair?

First, it is essential to know the reason behind the uneven bleached hair; then, the solutions need to be implemented. Here are the possible causes of uneven bleached hair:

1) Bleach not mixed well

It is possible that either you did not mix the bleach well or used the wrong quantity of developer in it. 

The developer and bleaching powder need to be combined uniformly as well. It is vital to keep swirling until the mixture is wholly homogenized while using your brush.

2) Using the wrong developer

The volume strengths of developers range from 10 to 40. Unfortunately, a volume 10 product isn't going to do anything for you if your hair is really dark. So choosing the wrong developer can be the reason for uneven bleached hair. 

3) Uneven applying

Maybe you have applied the bleach unevenly all over your hair. As you are doing bleaching by yourself, there is a high chance of uneven application, resulting in uneven bleached hair. 

4) Not sectioning the hair.

Using bleach on unparted hair is a sure way to end up with a hair color disaster. However, the uneven application may have been caused by the fact that you applied bleach on the big hair part. 

5) Having a dark base color

The bleaching process can turn your hair orange or red if your hair is dark brown or black. So this also results in uneven bleached and brassy hair. 

How to fix uneven bleached hair?

If you have uneven bleached hair & now you are worried about the hair, then don't worry. There are various solutions to fixing that unevenly bleached hair. Here are these:

1) Color your hair with a darker shade

A simple way to make your hair look better is to dye it. Try to pick a much darker color than your hair is now, like chocolate brown or black. It all depends on the condition of your hair and the color you want to achieve.

In order to get the right color for each section of your hair, split your hair into several parts. Apply the color from the roots to the ends of your hair first, then work your way up.

If you're coloring your own hair, use gloves, and a mask to protect your face.

2) Re-Apply Bleach

You may simply go back and re-bleach your hair if your bleached hair is uneven. However, you shouldn't re-bleach your hair straight afterward since bleaching is very damaging to your hair and even your scalp.

You should wait for at least one month to give time to hair to recover from the effects of the first bleach. Then do the bleach in the right way, with the right quantity & after parting hair. 

3) Partly Bleach your hair

If you forget to bleach a few places, you can re-bleach the same way by focusing on them. It will be less damaging for your hair, and it will also be a simple process.

For this step, you need to part your hair into small sections that show the places where you didn't get your hair done. This makes it easier for you to get to them.

Make a proper bleach mixture and spread it out evenly on the pot that was left out of the oven. You should wait a while and then use a brand-name shampoo. Now, you have evenly bleached hair. 

How to fix orange spots in bleached hair?

Orange or brassy spots are one of the most common problems of bleaching. They appear when bleaching is not done correctly or the developer is not of the right volume. Still, you can fix these orange spots. Here are the ways:

1) Use Blue Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

Toning shampoo has colors hues that are opposite to the shades appearing in your hair. For example, if you have orangey spots in your hair, then using blue shampoo & conditioner combo will treat the orange shade & will make the hair color even. 

Toning shampoo works best when used twice or three times a week. Also, continue with your normal hair care routine, which includes hair masks, oils, and conditioners. This will keep your hair moisturized and protect it from damage.

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2) Dye your hair with dark hair color

Another way to fix the orange spots in hair is by dying the hair with a darker hair tone. You can choose hair colors like dark brown or black. 

The color must be applied appropriately from the roots to the tips. To begin, divide your hair into sections and apply the color from root to tip. It's best to hold out for at least 40 to 50 minutes.

Will toner fix uneven bleached hair?

Yes, toner can fix uneven bleached hair but up to some extent. Be sure to first assess the degree of unevenness in your hair before deciding on this course of action. Other approaches may be preferable if your condition is severe.

Your hair will most likely get toned to some extent after a few washes of the product, but this is not a clear option for your uneven bleached hair color. 

However, instead of doing double-bleach, you may try toning, which has less of an impact on your skin.

Toning your hair is similar to coloring over bleached, uneven hair. 

How to fix uneven bleached hair at home?

Messed up bleach at home & now it is looking patchy and uneven? Don't worry, you can fix that uneven bleached and that too at home. There are two ways to do it. 

1) The Fast Way

The quickest way to fix uneven bleached hair is to color your hair darker. Bleached hair is very dry and easily damaged, so wait a few days before dying your hair a deeper color. You may think how it is the fast way? It is the least damaging & fastest way to possible & moreover, this will give result in one use. 

It is also essential that you choose a hair color that will sufficiently hide your blunder. If you've bleached your hair to a pale blonde, for example, go with a light brown or deeper brown hair dye.

While applying the color, you should make sure you're wearing gloves & have vaseline or cream applied on your face. 

2) The Slow Way

You may bleach your hair a second time if you are certain about getting the color you want. Unfortunately, you have to wait at least three weeks after your initial attempt, which is a pain. But it is necessary to wait.

Bleach strips the hair of its natural oils and damages the roots. In fact, the harm may reach critical proportions.

After the initial bleaching, your hair will take three to four weeks to recover. However, using hair masks, conditioners & even Ayurvedic oils to massage your scalp in the interim can help your hair become ready for the next bleaching session.

When you will do a second-bleaching session, Cleanse your hair and apply more conditioner afterward. In order to rejuvenate your hair, you should use a shampoo with an appropriate pH level. 

How to fix patchy uneven bleached hair? 

There are four ways to fix the patchy, uneven bleached hair. As a result of these recommendations, you can correct the bleach mistake.

1) Dying hair with a darker shade

Try to choose a much darker hue than your present hair color, such as rich chocolate brown or even black. This is a common way to fix hair that has been bleached unevenly.

2) Reapply bleach after a few weeks

Try this if you don't want a quick fix and don't mind having an uneven color for a few weeks. Just give three to four weeks to your hair to regain its strength. After that, reapplying bleach is all that's required.

3) Use Toning Shampoo

Using a toning shampoo might give your hair the right color boost. If your hair color is orange, you might use a blue shampoo to get an equal tone. 

4) Spot Bleaching

Spot bleaching is a simple solution to this issue, in which you just bleach the areas you missed the first time around. Sectioning your hair into little sections that expose the missing locations will make this procedure much easier.

 Then just reapply the bleach in right quantity & mix & you will even bleached hair.

Bottom Line

This was all about How to fix uneven bleached hair. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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