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French braids are one of the most elegant and sophisticated styles in the world. They make for a great hairstyle, especially for women who have long, thick hair since they’re not really an everyday hairstyle. French braid, also known as fishtail braids, is a popular hairstyle that has been around for quite some time.

French braids can be a difficult hairstyle to achieve when you’re just starting out, but when perfected, they can look absolutely stunning. So this article will let you know about French braids, how to french braid & its styles. Moreover, we will also mention Dutch braid vs French braid.

What are French Braids?

Open hair & their styles may look beautiful, but when a french braid comes in, no open hairstyle can match its place. The look of french braids comes royal, beautiful & dashing, with it being simple at the same time.

French braids are a hairstyle that is commonly known for its intricate and creative designs.

 It consists of three main parts:

  • The base of the hair
  • A smaller section of hair at the crown
  • A braid with a “crown” at the end

French braid is of two types in terms of binding hair:

  • The, first one is those done in one continuous plait from one side to the other.
  • Other is those done by dividing the hair into small sections.

Did French Braids were originated from France?

The answer to this question is surprising, No! French braids neither came from France nor were invented there. The French braids actually first came from North Africa. It was named french braids just because french colonists used it & people assumed that the hairstyle belonged to them.

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How to French braid in 6 simple steps?

If you have never done or tried french braid & find it difficult to do, then don’t worry. Here is our simple six steps guide to how to french braid for beginners:

1) Use Dry Shampoo on your hair to make them stay

The first step is to use dry shampoo, especially if you have soft & fine hair, as this hair may slide from your hand & braid later. The dry shampoo will make them textured & will help in holding them.

It would help if you also do backcomb to untangle the hair & make them smooth.

2) Section your hair

Now section your hair into three equal sections from the crown area of the head. The sections of hair should be 2-3 inches.

3) Now Start the braiding from head to down

You will have three sections, left, center & right section of hair. Now to braid the hair, hold the right & center section in your right hand & the left section in the left hand. Now, cross the right section of your hair onto the middle (the right section becomes the center section) and the left section onto the center section.

4) Repeat the process until reaching your neck

Repeat the process of weaving the hair from right section to center & then left hair to the center section, as mentioned above. Do the process until you reach the neck area.

5) Add whole hair to the braids

After reaching the neck area, add all the remaining hair from the neck to the bottom into equal three braid sections. Then, repeat the process of braiding.

6) Spray to Secure

Now use a hair spray to hold the braid & hair. Moreover, if you have hair left at the neck & flyaways, hold them with hair & use spray on them.

Voila! You have your French braid!

Dutch braid vs french braid

Dutch braid & French braid are two types of different braid styles that surely have differences in their looks, appearance & how they are done. Here is the picture of both styles followed by Dutch braid vs french braid.

French Braid

  • This braid has a flat shape.
  • The hair are braid in simple & straight way.
  • Above the middle section of the hair, the strands of hair cross each other.
  • A smooth appearance is achieved in french braid.

Dutch Braid

  • This braid type makes a 3D impression.
  • The hair are braided in opposite direction to french braid style.
  • From under the sections of hair, the hair crosses three partitions.
  • In the middle, it forms a thick bunch of braid.

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10 Unique French Braid Styles

Now as you have learned how to make french braids, it’s time that you should look at various kinds of french braid styles for different hair lengths & types. The list also contains unique & trending braid hairstyles.

1) French Braid for Long Hair

If you have long hair & you want to achieve a simple yet beautiful look, then you should braid your hair in this loose french braids style. It will look wonderful & fascinating, like a Disney princess look. Check out 20 Long Layered Hair Styles & Cuts for Women! to get hairstyles for long hair.

2) Side French Braid

Side french braid style that starts from the front side of hair & with a touch of curls are perfect for party, prom & other special occasions. If done on highlighted hair, the style will shine differently.

3) Double French Braids

The double french braids are not the latest new style, but still, it is trending. This is one of the most tried braid hairstyles. One can do it if one wants a low-maintenance hairstyle. The style will stay for a long time without hair coming out.

4) Half Up Half Down French Braid

Both braids and half-up hairstyles are trendy and cute. Therefore, combining them into one will result in a fantastic look that you’re sure to love. All you need to do is make a french braid but not take all hair from the bottom & leave them free.

5) French Braid Ponytail

The particular hairstyle is best for people with short hair & who still want to try french braids style. First, you need to braid the hair till the neck area & then make a simple ponytail. You can achieve this hairstyle very easily.

6) French Braids Fishtail

Fishtail braids are another type of how you can style french braids. The hairstyle may be tricky to do, but once done, it looks unique & stunning. One can make a ponytail or braids, down the neck, as per their liking.

7) Elegant French Braids

The side braids that are braided to the end of hair & then made into a bun look very elegant, that’s why the style name is elegant french braids style.

8) Combo French Braids

Double braids? Can that really happen? Yes! One can get the style after doing the french braids with some hair & then doing simple braids with the use of side neck hair. The style is one of the unique Braid hairstyles.

9) Full Down French Braid Style

The style is best for long & thick hair. The loose braid starting from the crown hair will give a Disney princess look & enhance the appearance of the person.

10) Heart Shape French Braid

You can make a sweetheart shape at the back of your head by braiding small, simple braids starting at the crown on both sides. Additionally, a bun can also be formed at the nape of the neck by spiraling it across both ends of the crown. The style is perfect for a date with your sweetheart & show your love to them.

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Bottom Line

So this was all about french braids, their types, styles, how to french braid in six simple steps & also the Dutch braid vs french braids differentiation. We hope now you can style your hair into french braids style with the help of our article.

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions on this article in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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