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Colored Hair Wax: Flaunt Your Colorful Locks Without Fear Of Damage!

What is Colored Hair Wax? 

Colored hair wax is a hot trend that is spreading all over social media. There are many reasons why people are so fascinated by it. To begin with, you don’t have to use chemical dyes, ammonia, or bleach for coloring your hair! Yes, you heard correctly. With colored hair wax, you can adorn your natural hair with beautiful colors without damaging them.

Additionally, the application of colored hair wax is incredibly easy. Although dark hair owners typically need bleach to experience bright hues such as pink or purple again, causing severe hair damage, hair color wax is pigmented enough to show up on all hair color shades. As well as being lightweight and flexible, hair color wax is an excellent alternative to hair dye. You won’t have to worry about hard and crunchy textures.

How to Use Colored Hair Wax?

Colored hair wax can be applied so easily. These are some simple steps for adding vibrant colors to your hair:

Prepare your hair: The best way to use color wax is to apply it to damp hair that is clean and styled. The resin can be difficult to work with if you apply it to dry hair. For better coverage, section your hair. Last but not least, wear an old t-shirt or place a towel around your neck and shoulders.

Apply the wax:

If you plan to color all your hair, saturate it properly with your fingers coloring product. Next, go over your hair with a comb.

Take a tiny section of your hair and paint on highlights. Then, work a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it through the section. For shinier, more voluminous hair, start from the middle. Do not apply close to your roots.

Make your hair dry: 

Using a blow dryer with the lowest heat setting will speed up your drying process after using a conditioner. Too much heat can be unpleasant when working with thicker layers of wax.

Allow the first layer to dry for more intense color, then add more layers until the desired color is achieved.

Remember to stay cool: 

If you use a hot tool on waxed hair, your style before adding the wax may be undone. Using your fingers and a comb instead might be the best solution.

For How Long Does Hair Paint Wax Stay? 

After applying the hair paint wax to your hair, it stays there for three to four days until you wash it. When you shower, cover your hair with a shower cap to prolong the life of color between and touch up the hair paint wax with your fingers to make it last longer. Nevertheless, shampoo can remove it entirely if you wish. When you wash your hair with shampoo, the hair paint wax will be washed off. 

Best Options for Colored Hair wax to Choose

Consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from. We are providing you with quite a few options to give your hair a truly stunning touch. 

In terms of colored hair wax, the following options are best: 

Common Panda Hair Wax

Common Panda Hair Wax

Key Features

  • Using this colored hair wax you can instantly change the look of your kids’ hair and give them a fresh look.
  • Its natural ingredients are not tested on animals, and the colors are water-soluble
  • The coloring is easy and the washout is easy, the hold is strong without damage, and the stickiness is minimal.
  • It comes in 7 vibrant colors and is washable with shampoo so you can try new colors every day.

As the tagline suggests, “for kids and parents,” the common panda hair wax is quite suitable for both kids and adults. You can get an instant color upgrade in your hair, and it is easily washable too. In addition, the product is 100 percent natural and free of cruelty.

Common Panda hair wax provides you with options of 7 vibrant colors so that you can change your look each new day. All types of hair, thick or medium, can be styled with this product, adding texture and shine. Furthermore, common panda hair wax is suitable for all hair types, whether curly, straight, or wavy. So, in addition to making your hair look curly pop, the wax will also make your curls pop.

Mofajang Hair Wax

Mofajang Hair Wax

Key Features

  • An all-purpose hairstyling pomade that can be molded, sculpted, and added to the texture.
  • Although it is messy and clumpy, it can be easily washed away with water.
  • While it is safe for your hair, a good holding effect may cause the hair to take on the shape you like.
  • The wax is made from plant extracts, is safe for your health, does not irritate your scalp, and is environmentally friendly
  • Mofajang hair wax comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hair wax is made from all-natural ingredients without heavy metals, which act as complete protection for your hair with a stunning look. It is easy to use and wash both. There is no stickiness after applying Mofajang Hair Wax so that you can carry it easily anywhere at any time.’

The hair wax makes your hair glossy and attractive for a long time. Whether it is time for Halloween, Masquerade, or Christmas Parties, this hair wax will perfectly give you a unique look every time. The ingredients contain plant extracts, no scalp irritation, no harm to your health. Thus, you need not worry about hair damage or related problems.

Bottom Line

You may love the color dye gives your hair, but if you are concerned about its effects on your hair, this is yet another reason to try hair color wax. This wax contains ingredients that help your hair appear thicker and feel healthier due to its consistency and ingredients!
You have come to the right place if you want to try something new with your hair. You can flaunt your color-changing hair every day after using the suggested hair wax. Hopefully, you found my article on colored hair wax informative and interesting. Feel free to experiment with your favorite hair color, then share your experience with us.

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