How to get rid of eye bags?

Bags under eyes are common problems that many of us experience & it happens due to many reasons. And these eye bags look very annoying & affect one’s appearance. So, how to get rid of eye bags?   There are numerous creams & lotions on the markets, which claim to reduce eye bags & discoloration & … Read more

How to get rid of stretch marks?

There is one factor common in pregnancy, puberty, sudden weight gain or loss, the after-effect named as stretch marks. Stretch marks can develop as a result of the skin’s rapid expansion. During pregnancy, up to 90% of women get stretch marks. But stretch marks can affect individuals of different ages and skin types due to … Read more

What time does Sam’s close?

As an American, you probably know about Sam’s Club. It is one of America’s largest warehouse operators. It provides its member, the best quality products in a large range of products at exceptional prices. Sam’s Club operates on member-only business models. Many of you may have Sam’s club membership & have been taking the benefits … Read more

Why does your hair thin as you age?

As you become older, your skin wrinkles, your muscles weaken, you slow down, your organs slow down, and your hair also loses its luster. As a result, the color and texture of one’s hair naturally alter with age. The hair starts to turn grey & even their texture change like they become thin. Yes! Hair … Read more

What causes hair to thin on the ends?

Who does not like to have shiny & strong hair from top to bottom? But not everyone can achieve them & most times; some hair issues lead to hair problems like hair thinning. Hair thinning usually happens to the whole head, but it sometimes happens either at roots or at ends. There are different reasons … Read more

How rare is blonde hair and green eyes?

There are a plethora of uncommon genetic variations. For example, just 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, 11% of us have naturally curly hair, and 4% of us have blonde hair. Yet, only 2% of the seven billion or so people on the earth can claim to have a single distinguishing feature. What’s that … Read more

What does it mean when a woman plays with her hair?

There are several ways in which people express themselves through body language, including facial emotions, varied hand movements and pacifying gestures, and vocal features, including the tone and pitch of one’s voice. As a man, you have seen women playing with their hair, taking the hair on the side, or even biting lips. Women playing … Read more

How to Become a Hair Model?

Hair modeling is an underappreciated form of modeling. Hair shows are well-known all around the country, and hair models are always in demand. Work with photographers, stylists, and product makers to showcase the current trends in hair care products, styles, and fashions through the use of hair models. Hair modeling can be a great career … Read more

Why my hair looks thin when wet?

On a daily basis, many of us see our hair to look thin when wet, but when they are dry, they look voluminous. Generally, it happens with everyone, but if it starts to look thinner & you are even seeing more hair shedding. Then it can be a problem. So, what does this thinning indicate? … Read more

How to dry nail polish faster?

Most all women love nail paint & they do their nail paint done at home. Applying nail paint is easy & it just needs some skills to apply nail paint appropriately. But there’s one other thing that messes up the nail paint, and that’s when it doesn’t dry. You painted your nails with precision, but … Read more