Can you bleach your hair twice in one day?

Bleaching hair to lighten the hair shade is a great technique to change hair tone. It is a fast & easy way to achieve a fresh & new look. Bleaching works by reacting with hair inner structure & then removing the hair color. So you might tempt to bleach your hair twice to get the desired shade or lighter hair shade. But Can you bleach your hair twice in one day?

The answer is a big ‘No!' You should not bleach twice a day as it can do a lot of damage to your hair. The hair will become dry, prone to damage & can even start to fall in clumps. But why it happens/Let's get to know more about this topic!

What happens if I bleach my hair twice in one day? 

You should never bleach your hair twice a day, as it will lead to hair becoming too dry, damaged & will even start to fall. You may experience too much irritation on the scalp, too, if you apply the bleach there too. 

Apart from bleaching hair twice a day, you should not even bleach them for the second time on next day or even in the gap of one day. This is because your hair needs to get time to heal from the chemical treatment of the first bleaching process. 

If you bleach hair twice a day, you have to counter the following problems:

  • Your hair will become too dry, frizzy & coarse.
  • You will feel a burning sensation on your scalp. 
  • Your hair will start to fall. 
  • You may even get discolored hair due to too much bleaching. 
  • The overall health of har will get affected.

So it is a big No-No to get bleach twice a day. 

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Can you bleach black hair twice in one day?

No, whatever your hair color, whether it's black or brown or any other, do not ever try to bleach your hair twice in one day. It will have so many adverse effects on your hair that your hair will even start to fall off & become too much brittle. 

The effects will be the same on all kinds of hair becuase the composition of every hair type is the same & the bleach will open the hair cuticles & will oxidize the hair color. This all process badly affects the hair internally. 

So one should not ever try to bleach hair twice a day irrespective of hair color. 

Can you bleach your hair twice in a week?

No, you cannot bleach your hair twice in a week. Becuase the hair need to regain their strength & moisture to the fullest & it takes around three weeks. So one needs to wait at least three weeks to bleach their hair again. 

If you bleach hair twice a week, then get ready for the adverse effects on your hair. Your hair will become dry & brittle; your hair may be discolored & the worse will be that your hair will start to fall off. 

So never ever try to bleach your hair twice a week & wait at least three weeks for double bleach treatment. 

Can you bleach your hair twice in a month? 

Yes, you can bleach your hair twice a month! This is becuase the hair needs around three weeks to fully recover & regain strength from the first bleach treatment. So you can bleach your hair after those three weeks. This way, you can surely bleach your hair twice a month. 

However, never try to bleach for the third time in a month or bleaching for the second time in a gap of one or two weeks. Becuase your hair would not be recovered from the previous bleaching process & you may face adverse effects on your hair. 

Moreover, you should also take advice from your salon professional about double bleaching. They will guide you better as they know the actual type & composition of your hair. Becuase some hair even need time of 4-6 weeks for bleaching again.

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 How to double bleach hair?

As you know, double bleaching should be done in an interval of a minimum of three weeks & best to wait for 4-6 weeks, but what is its process. And how to double bleach hair? 

For getting double bleaching, it will be best to get it from a good salon or professional. They can do the bleaching with the proper procedure, with suitable volume bleach & also with minimum effect on the hair. 

However, if you want to do it at home, then here is the whole process:

  • The process of both the first & second bleaching processes is the same.
  • You should start with applying coconut oil a night before bleaching. Coconut oil will reduce the adverse effect of bleach but will not interfere with the working of bleach. 
  • Separate your hair into small sections and clip them together.
  • Wear gloves while using bleach to prevent damaging your skin.
  • Make sure you apply the bleach evenly throughout your hair, leaving 2 centimeters at the roots.
  •  Let it sit for 20 minutes. You should not exceed the exposure time. Chemical reactions are time-limited. In that case, your hair will not get lighter, but the chemicals will severely damage it.
  • Monitor the reaction constantly.
  • Remove any remaining mixture from your hair with plenty of cold water and shampoo, and conditioner.

Bottom Line

This was all about bleaching hair & the suitable duration to do it for the second time. We hope you got all the information you were seeking. Please let us know your thoughts & recommendations on this article in the comments below!

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